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I took sewing 101: Machine and Handbasics at Workshop on Tuesday. Workshop is small funky storefront in the Panhandle that has workshops and classes for the crafty or those aiming to become more crafty. It’s a cool space loaded up with handmade chandeliers, screen printed walls and things that you instantly want to touch and play with.

I have never learned how to actually use a sewing machine and the class was great. Our teacher went through every step from turning one on, loading up the machine, and different stitches and how to make hems and all those fun things. We got to make a beer coozy (pbr is included in the cost of the class), and as we sipped on glorious beer from our flannel coozie we attempted to work our new sewing chops on a sock stuffed animal. I named mine Cassandra and she talks in an incredibly high voice.

Our teacher was awesome and talented, and taught the class the way I think. She was a visual artist to (she does the window displays at Anthropologie which gives her 2000 bonus points off the bat) so I think she understood my spaztastic way of learning, which is a why a sewing machine learning manual was never enough for me to actually be able to figure out how to sew.

An awesome class and bad ass space. I can’t wait to take her quilting one as well.

Checkout their full list of classes at: WorkshopSF


I found this poor chair at the Allemany Flea Market for $15 with moldy cushions and painted lemon yellow. I rescued her, and put in some serious love. Here are some of things I learned about stripping, sanding and upholstery:

1. Don’t waste your time stripping. The idea of stripping is for dreamers. It doesn’t actually work. Instead of wasting your time, money and lungs breathing in these nasty chemicals. Skip it, and buy yourself a nice sander instead. I tried to use it and wound up using it multiple times and still nothing peeled.

2. A dremel was my best friend.

3. Don’t chince on the upholstery. I got mine custom done at Therapy on Valencia Street. For $150 I got to pick fabric and customize it to fit my chair. I added buttons for a little flare.

Some other mid century plank chairs I love:


Salty Pooch is a dog leash company a friend and I started a year ago. We make leashes using traditional sailing line, materials and knots. I made some new snazzy leash tags for our Salty Pooch leashes last night. I was going for a handmade look. I took old sails and cut them up into squares. I stamped our logo and information on it. I then folded it in half and used a gromet to tie it together. It will be tied onto each leash that we sell with small sailing line. I’m really excited to have these going! Check out our line of leashes at


SF victorian tall ceilings are lovely, but I always find it troublesome to actually fill the walls on my not-so-large budget. When you can’t afford to have large pieces of artwork framed here are some cool ideas I found to keep your walls warm.

1. Arrange small frames together. Take some pictures of textures or some of your favorite photos from that last trip you did, even steal them from instagram. The beauty in this is they don’t need to be high res. Grab some frames at target, and try to arrange them on a grid.

2. Add some of your favorite items to a grid of small shelves. 

3. Find some boxes and stack them or hang them on your wall. Alemany Flea Market always has tons of the vintage kind. Or buy a newer one at the Container Store. I love the way the photo on the right painted the insides of them.

4. A block of color. Buy a canvas and slap some color on that bad boy. Or if your really bold just paint a stripe on your wall.

5. 3 is the magic number for horizontal mirrors. Buy some at Target for 5 bucks a pop and get classy.



I have been dying to take a pottery class. I have a dream of every plate in my home being made by myself. Here are some things I’d love to be able to do. Classes start in July at Clay Underground if anyone else is interested.

1.  Contrast raw clay with high gloss finish Potter Vase Collection  2. Textured tumblers  3. Simple stamped designs on plates 4. Layers of beautiful deep blues on this plate  5. Cool gold trimmed plates 6. Striped and simple illustrations