I went to the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason this past Sunday and here are some of my favorite things.

Honey & Bloom is a whole line of beuatiful graphic posters, cards and totes. Beautifully crafted and simple lines.

Check them out.



Coatt Morse Coded Goods are cute necklaces and stationary with saying on them in morse code. They have great gold embossed branding, which was why I really fell in love with them.

Check them out.

My favorite stand in the craft fair was a leather goods company called Materials + Process. I loved the craftsmanship in such a beautiful medium. I have recently been really into learning this craft to work into my leash line, and their mission statement sums up why I love leather so much:

“_MATERIAL: Vegetable Dyed leather. This particular process tans the leather with plant based dyes. It has no coating and so your history and adventures are embedded in the material of the product.

_ PROCESS: Designing professionally has become very cerebral. It was, and still is, a personal challenge to follow through with skill to make the products I designed here. Leather is an unforgiving material that warrants craft. Its been a journey where every cut, every curve, and each stitch requires a lot of deliberation and patience. What started as material studies, has now become a collection.”

Check them out.



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