I took sewing 101: Machine and Handbasics at Workshop on Tuesday. Workshop is small funky storefront in the Panhandle that has workshops and classes for the crafty or those aiming to become more crafty. It’s a cool space loaded up with handmade chandeliers, screen printed walls and things that you instantly want to touch and play with.

I have never learned how to actually use a sewing machine and the class was great. Our teacher went through every step from turning one on, loading up the machine, and different stitches and how to make hems and all those fun things. We got to make a beer coozy (pbr is included in the cost of the class), and as we sipped on glorious beer from our flannel coozie we attempted to work our new sewing chops on a sock stuffed animal. I named mine Cassandra and she talks in an incredibly high voice.

Our teacher was awesome and talented, and taught the class the way I think. She was a visual artist to (she does the window displays at Anthropologie which gives her 2000 bonus points off the bat) so I think she understood my spaztastic way of learning, which is a why a sewing machine learning manual was never enough for me to actually be able to figure out how to sew.

An awesome class and bad ass space. I can’t wait to take her quilting one as well.

Checkout their full list of classes at: WorkshopSF



  1. jJane

    Cassandra is adorable!!! Looking forward to meeting her. Wish we lived closer so I could share our love of sewing. Miss you!

    • Lulu

      Thanks 🙂 I know I wish I could learn from you! I’m looking into buying a sewing machine right now, do you have any recommendations? I was thinking of the Singer Heavy Duty machines because I was hoping to be able to sew leather for the handles of Salty Pooch leashes. Not sure if this is the right machine though? I also don’t have a huge budget to get a really pricey one.

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