I found this poor chair at the Allemany Flea Market for $15 with moldy cushions and painted lemon yellow. I rescued her, and put in some serious love. Here are some of things I learned about stripping, sanding and upholstery:

1. Don’t waste your time stripping. The idea of stripping is for dreamers. It doesn’t actually work. Instead of wasting your time, money and lungs breathing in these nasty chemicals. Skip it, and buy yourself a nice sander instead. I tried to use it and wound up using it multiple times and still nothing peeled.

2. A dremel was my best friend.

3. Don’t chince on the upholstery. I got mine custom done at Therapy on Valencia Street. For $150 I got to pick fabric and customize it to fit my chair. I added buttons for a little flare.

Some other mid century plank chairs I love:



  1. Jane Fulton

    Did you cover the cushions yourself or have them done??? They look great – as does the whole chair. Well Done!!

    • Lulu

      Thanks! I am excited to have it done finally. I had the cushions made. I found an upholstery place, and worked with them since I’m not much of a sewer. I signed up for a sewing class for next week though that I am very excited about. So hopefully, I’ll start learning more about that.

      • Lulu

        I agree. I love the high rise bottoms of suits, I think it’s so much more flattering. I tried a couple on recently, and it’s a nice fresh take on suits.

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