To many it’s boring. It’s what happens when you mix of black and white. However, grey is that date that may not look great on paper but surprises you time and again.

It’s versatility and subtle beauty leaves you standing on your doorstep craving more. Will he call? And the best part about grey is that there is no recipe. It can be created from any color under the sun. So while you can always trust grey (of course he will call) he will also surprise you by waking up early to make you breakfast in bed.

So today, I am arranging your marriage to grey. I am the jdate of pantones and people. Because if you allow yourself to fall in love with grey it will more than love you back, it will be the kind of blissful and boring love that every mother dreams for you to have. It will never let you down. You won’t get sick of grey (unlike your bright orange skinny jeans and neon yellow pouf). It’s subtle beauty will continue to surprise you as you change and adapt the pieces around it. So get excited, because your search for true love stops here.

Here is a showcase of how beautiful the color can truly be. And how nothing is ever just grey. I have highlighted the colors within each grey so you can finally see for yourself that grey is the one for everyone.


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