Dog at Duck Trap, ’78

My grandmother gave me a mug with Dog at Duck Trap printed on it last week, and I did a bit of research and fell in love with Alex Katz’s style. On top of the fact that his dog prints look exactly like my pooch Boodah, his other work is equally awesome.

Born in Brooklyn in the 20’s during the outset of the depression, Alex had a bright and simple view of the world. His prints make me reminiscent of spring and summer on the east coast. Here are some bright and fun prints to celebrate the beginning of summer. Happy Memorial Day!

All images were found on MFA is also having an exhibit on him right now, and you can buy some reproductions of his prints on their site.

    Beach House, 1966

    Sunset: Lake Wesserunsett 1, 1972

    Blue Umbrella, 1979

    The Dog, 1978

     Striped Jacket, 1981

    Day Lily 2, 1969


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