My little sister is now a college graduate. And with that passing she must leave behind her adorable little apartment in Brookline. I’m sure she is on to bigger and better, but I wanted to show off what an awesome style she has, and what you can do with a little creativity and a minimum wage college budget. It’s pretty impressive since most college apartments you see are filled with beds on cinder blocks and ikea to the nines.

1. She took a part of her apartment that could be a downer, a filled in old molding that was once a grand entrance to a room, and painted it with chalkboard paint. She then used that to showcase some of her favorite quotes in a creative and beautiful way.

2. Everything is arranged and put together to give her an apartment the look of organized chaos. It gives it a nice warmth. Hanging things on the sides of her vintage mirror and using it as a way to arrange pictures or cards.

3. She hangs her sand dollars with a nail and arranges them with beautiful cards and photographs.

4. She fills paper lanterns with twinkle christmas lights so the entire apartment sparkles at night.

So proud of you Nik!! I can’t wait to see what you do next. I know it will be something creative and amazing.


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