You’ll never be able to say for certain if he really walked 15 miles to school everyday uphill in a blizzard without boots carrying his brother on his back. With the Flu. After working for 6 hours. He may have. People were tougher back then and things were so much better.

That’s where they’re finally wrong. I love the resurgence of companies who believe things can still be made like they used to. And technology or new trends shouldn’t change the way you make a table or change the materials you use for your snow shoes. I think it’s charming and romantic.

All proudcts here can be found on Kaufman Mercantile or Brookfarm General Store, which are two amazing online stores with a beautiful collection of goodies to hunt through.

1. Postalco Document Case  2. Set of 4 teak coasters  3. Chemex hand-blown coffee maker  4. Hand-laced rawhide with ash wood snow shoes  5. Naturally-died Roberu leather camera strap  6. Aromatic bitters for your whiskey  7. Hand Carved Oak Rope Swing  8. Polished stainless steel straws  9.  Organic selvage denim with true indigo dye fades the way it should to make this apron kinda bad ass.


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