SF victorian tall ceilings are lovely, but I always find it troublesome to actually fill the walls on my not-so-large budget. When you can’t afford to have large pieces of artwork framed here are some cool ideas I found to keep your walls warm.

1. Arrange small frames together. Take some pictures of textures or some of your favorite photos from that last trip you did, even steal them from instagram. The beauty in this is they don’t need to be high res. Grab some frames at target, and try to arrange them on a grid.

2. Add some of your favorite items to a grid of small shelves. 

3. Find some boxes and stack them or hang them on your wall. Alemany Flea Market always has tons of the vintage kind. Or buy a newer one at the Container Store. I love the way the photo on the right painted the insides of them.

4. A block of color. Buy a canvas and slap some color on that bad boy. Or if your really bold just paint a stripe on your wall.

5. 3 is the magic number for horizontal mirrors. Buy some at Target for 5 bucks a pop and get classy.


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