When my mom came to San Francisco in 2009 to move me in, we brought with us 14 suitcases, some tears, some excitement, a tiny bit of uncertainty, and her bicycle from the 80’s that she gave me to get around.

I loved that bike because it reminded me of our trips to the CYC we would make in the summer on the bike trail. She would tell me stories of how she used to bike all the way to Beverly when she was a kid just for some french fries and a burger.

I rode that lugged steel heavy bike to death in this city; to the top of nob hill, across the golden gate bridge, to the ocean for a quick dip. That bike was the second reason I fell in love with San Francisco, the first was my mother. She dreamed of moving here since before I could remember. So, instead, I did. And I fell in love with it just like her.

When my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer I fought with the prospect of moving home. But I didn’t because I knew this was her dream for herself and for me. So I stuck with it and tried to help her as much as I could from across the country, by being optimistic and sending her as much love as possible.

But things took a turn for the worse with her, and last June, cancer won that battle. We all lost an amazing, beautiful, creative and completely crazy and awesome woman, mother and best friend.

But I still have my optimism, and her bike (well parts of it)*.

I will be participating in the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s keynote fundraiser event, The Livestrong Challenge, by riding 65-miles in support of the fight against cancer. Because as my mom said, “Cancer fucking sucks”. And it really fucking does. So, let’s keep fighting for her.

I got involved with this event thanks to my good friend Brandon Carney. As a cancer survivor himself, Brandon is an inspiration to me and I’m honored to ride with him and our team of 13 in support of the organization he started, Last Ball Foundation. This year we have decided to set a challenging fundraising goal of $30,000. In order to make this happen, we need your help! With the continued generosity and support of those closest to us, we know we can hit or exceed this goal.

The Ride – Takes place in Davis, CA on Sunday, June 24th. This is a truly exceptional event and is rewarding to take part in at any level. It is an opportunity for people that have been affected by cancer along with their families and friends, to come together for a weekend, share their stories, educate themselves and those around them, and truly make a difference in this fight. You can find out all the event information here: Livestrong, Davis.

Donations – We are asking for donations, no matter the amount – participation and getting involved is what matters most. Every penny will help the team get organized, represent the Last Ball Foundation and do our part to change the world! So please click HERE to make a donation and don’t forget that as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations to the Last Ball Foundation are tax deductible.

Please feel free to circulate this email to anyone that may be interested! We are always looking to get new folks involved, be it the ride this year, participation in other Last Ball sponsored events or as a new donor. If you are interested in participating this year as a member of the Last Ball Foundation Cycling Team, please contact me directly or Brandon at for more details.

*I will be riding with my mother’s bike seat on my new road bike. San Francisco is not the nicest city to bikes, and her frame and seat are what remains after a robbery.

*This is me and some friends biking the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time with my mom’s bike.


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