I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. We’ll sometimes I’m a little bit crazy. But I have always loved gnomes. I travelled Europe in college with my trustee gnome Cedric (#2 + #5). The night I met my boyfriend Greg I was a gnome for halloween (#3).

This blog is not dedicated to gnomes. I promise. I also don’t believe they actually exist. I just think they look cute. For the most part, I have a fairly decent design sense. I am an art director from San Francisco. However, I sometimes go astray and buy really awesome and weird things like my vintage gnome book (#4).

We call our apartment the gnomestead, therefore, this blog is dedicated to all style, design and food that encompasses that gnomestead. It will mostly cover my mid-century/DIY/Crafts and dog addictions, but a gnome may get thrown in there every once in a while.


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